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"Sara's down to earth, funny, and real approach makes it easy to reflect on my own experiences and sexuality without it feeling stuffy, off limits, or weird. I grew up not feeling able to talk about sex. Sara challenged me to consider what my needs are, how to approach getting them met, and how I talk about sex with my friends. I am so excited to continue to engage with her content and learn more about myself and bring my friends along!"

Lisa Desmarais, ID

Ashley Teller, CA

"Sara is the most raw woman I have ever met. She lays it all on the table and I think that’s truly beautiful. She talks about the good and the bad and all that is in between. She faces hard-to-talk-about topics and let’s women know she’s there for them and allows for them to find their true selves. 🥰"

Patty O'Rourke, CA

"Dr. Sara Vogel has provided us a kind, gentle, and most important -real view of womens' struggles. She gives us permission to love ourselves, be grateful for what we bring to the table, and forgive ourselves. Her inspirational and heartfelt stories and discussions has allowed women to rethink who we are, what we are, and permission to move forward with our own dreams."

Seini Nau, HI

"I’ve worked with Sara for a few years now. One thing I love about her is that she’s always positive and will always see the good in things and others. She always makes me feel comfortable no matter what we’re talking about. She’s a woman who only wants the best for other women and is also someone who leaves you feeling badass."
"Dr. Vogel is purely amazing. She has this way about her that makes you feel seen in your fullness and all without judgement. After talking with Sara, I feel a sense of peace amongst the chaos. Sara helped me find clarity and peace in choosing myself and prioritizing my peace, joy, and self. What’s great about Sara’s coaching is that our time together really feels like time for just us. It feels like we’re having coffee and chatting about life, but once the conversation is over, I have a list of things to work on and reflect about."

Bree Kalima, HI

Edwin D., Washington DC

“Sara is REAL! She says what others won’t. She is insightful and raw. She entertains and educates simultaneously."

Sarah Haley, NC

"Sara helps women appreciate themselves and value who they are. One thing I really appreciate about Sara and her style is that it's always raw and authentic. We need more real conversations about tough topics, and Sara brings it!"

Dr. Adaria Warner, NC

"As a therapist myself, I hold high value in Sara’s mission and her transparency is much needed and appreciated."
"Sara makes sex education accessible, empowering, informative, and fun! She brings light to issues that affect women on a daily basis, and looks at them with a critical lens - but she also incorporates humor and authenticity in a way that you can’t help but laugh (sometimes through tears). Sara’s work has helped me to be gentler and kinder to myself, and ultimately more accepting and loving of all the incredible women around me too."

Isheeta Rahman, CA

I left feeling more powerful.


"Dr. Sara Vogel is on an incredible mission to empower women and allow women to embrace their bodies while getting in touch with their sexual power. Through following Ladybits and Leadership personally, I felt more and more comfortable as I watched her 100% authentic and REAL content and admired Sara’s bravery and vulnerability, which was much needed and refreshing! Her content made me embrace and begin to love my body again (each and every curve)!

Dr. Adaria Warner, Therapist, North Carolina

Maribel G., CA

"Sara’s honesty and courage in her podcast and in her writing continues to challenge me to step into my power as a caretaker and Femme person."

Cindy A., CA

"What’s great about Sara’s presenting is that you can see her passion about this topic. She is able to help women have an open mind and feel comfortable."

Tamara Dunlap, HI

"I love how raw and real Dr. Vogel is! She does not hold back nor judge, which makes me feel so much more comfortable about topics that are barely talked about!"

A delicious, knowledgable party!

"Sara! Thank you for such a delicious and knowledgeable party about all the things. I was delighted! You made us laugh and giggle throughout the event and I loved your knowledge and expertise on this topic. You brought a room full of beautiful women together in truth. We all felt so safe in your space.  And I was really impressed how we all woke up a little and only in the greatest of self-care loving kind of ways. I had no idea what to expect and I'm delighted I attended the party. I will joining you for more coaching- I have much to learn. Thank you Beautiful ❤️😍"

- Victoria Kristin, Swim Coach, Kona, HI

"Sara helps women understand things about themselves that they might not actually realize that they didn't previously really understand. She helps women become more comfortable opening up to other people about things they never thought they would open up about. She is making women more comfortable talking about things that are considered taboo. Sara is brave enough to talk about it and encourages other women to be brave, too.

Barbara G., Virtual Assistant, Oahu, HI


Excellent for New Moms!

"Before working with Sara I was a lost new mom spiraling in to a depression and becoming a person I didn't recognize. I wasn't sleeping, I had just left my job, and I was trying to make since of what my new identity was. Sara created a safe space for me to vent, process, and she held me accountable to my goals. She supported me through sleep training, job searching, and instilled in me a confidence I lost. She coached me through salary negotiation and sleep training. When I told her I didn't like taking photos with my beautiful new baby because of the way I looked she created a photo challenge where I had to send her photos of myself each day. I hated looking at myself, and Sara wouldn't stand for it. I am a happy full time working mom and I would not have gotten here without her mentorship, coaching, and care."

Jesse Rapport, Mom and Counselor, Portland, OR

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